About Us

Technology, Innovation & Reliability are the three synonyms which describe Safecon Technologies. The organization has strong foundation with the technical expertise of the best in the industry combining through knowledge and long term experience in manufacturing safety components & materials. The original corporate ideas of employee input, continuous improvement and customer service have been augmented by our corporate values & vision statement. We believe in serving our customers quality products & services through timely deliveries and adhering to commitments so that interest of customer is prioritized.

Safecon Technologies materials combine the best properties of conducting metal & refractory materials. These materials are widely used in Railway Signaling, Traffic Signaling, Aerospace, Navigation, Circuit Breaking Apparatus and Motor Switching Devices. We manufacture these materials and precision components with specially designed equipment devoted specifically to deliver quality products as per client’s specifications. In manufacturing process of these materials the company follows the pre-requisites of ISO 9001:2008.

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