Contact materials for Navigation, Aerospace, Circuit protection & Rail Road applications:

Safecon Technologies has developed specialized contact materials which work in variant conditions of temperature, humidity & pressures. These materials are non-weldable and used in vital applications where the performance of products cannot be compromised. The contact materials have numerous options of surface finish along with coating options which enhance idle cycle life for several years in different conditions of temperature and humidity. The materials throughout its usage cycle have low contact resistance and consistent with variable loads. These materials make low contact noise, work in variable environments and atmospheres, and are self-lubricating materials. Safecon Technologies has inhouse testing capabilities as per international standards and confirm to ISO 9001:2008 standards.


Sub Assembly of Contact Materials:

Safecon Technologies also supports its customers for subassemblies of contact materials in clean room environments. Capability include precision riveting, crimping, brazing, ultrasonic cleansing are all integral part of the assembly process. The subassemblies are vertical integration to customers and are shipped worldwide in specially designed packaging for product durability and material flow in operations. Safecon Technologies adopts principles of lean manufacturing to serve its customers and have inhouse testing capabilities as per international standards.

Electrical contacts for Circuit Protection Apparatus:

Safecon Technologies has expertise in providing the right electrical contacts for numerous applications ranging from a MCCBs to SF 6 breakers. The contact materials are proven over the years for circuit control and circuit protection industry. The conducting material and the refractory material are carefully chosen with regards to the application of the product. Customers have choices to use different options of materials having similar composition in our product portfolio. Safecon Technologiesadopts principles of lean manufacturing to serve its customers and have inhouse testing capabilities as per international standards.

Media for Air purification & Water purification:

Safecon Technologies through its years of research have developed proprietary media materials for Air purifications & Water purification. The media not only has purification properties but also Bacteriostatic properties to keep harmful bacteria away to provide safe environments for numerous applications ranging from chemical industries to household utilities. These materials possess immense bacteriostatic properties with no leaching of materials, thus providing safe environment with minimum footprint.

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